Hello World! 

So as I’ve mentioned earlier, I just graduated from college last June 25, 2016.
And since I just started out my blog recently, I wanna share my college realizations, experiences and stories with you.

College life is the most beautiful phase of life. It’s like a Rollercoaster ride which begins with loads of excitement and nervousness.

(DLS-CSB. Photo from Wikipedia.)

Benilde has taught me a lot of things. One of them is to be independent. Since I was a transferee from (TIC) Treston International College to DLS-CSB (De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde), it was hard at first to make friends. (Yes, I had a hard time making friends.)

There were times when you have to be alone especially during breaks. I used to get classes with NO breaks at all! So I don’t need to spend my breaks alone. (seems like I was kind of loner before. HAHA)

As time passes by, Things changed! (YAY for me! ☺️) I started gaining friends. Our school life will teach us how to socialize with other people. You’ll learn how to start small conversations… From a simple “chit chats” to sharing your personal life stories! Who would’ve thought that my seatmate before would become one of my closest friends now?

There were good and bad influences of course. There are people who are into “Happy Thursday” and other stuffs (if you know what I mean! 😋) I’m not saying that they’re bad though, I’m just saying that you should know your limitations and manage your time and priorities well. There are friends who are into studying and not cutting classes. (They’re not NERDS ha! Just studious. HAHA) You will learn how to pick/choose your friends/groupmates wisely!

College life isn’t exactly as it seems. The more “freedom” you get, the more outlaw you become. Sometimes, you have to say “NO” to people who would lead you to the wrong path. Understand your responsibilities and use your “FREEDOM” wisely. Be wise and always act wise!  

I also learned that you should really take college seriously! (Well of course, while having fun and enjoying life). You may think that College lessons are not that important in your life, but you’re wrong. I guess, I’m just realizing this now. Hihi! You should appreciate and listen to what your professors are telling you (esp. their real life experiences, I swear you will learn a lot from those random and funny stories! It may also help you in your future)

And my advice to all of you is to ENJOY YOUR COLLEGE LIFE TO THE FULLEST. Who knows, you may meet the love of your life during your stay in college! Isn’t it exciting? 😋

Some of you may be in a rush to graduate, but you should thing twice and enjoy the journey. (PLUS, there will be NO more allowance once you graduate! So might as well enjoy it now while you still have it. Just a simple tip though!) Live and cherish every moment because time passes so quickly!

I wish I could live my college life again. I still can’t believe that June 25 signaled the end of my student phase and the official start of my unemployment. (Oh well, my “adulting” journey has begun)

I wanna thank De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde for taking part in this rollercoaster ride called “college life” and for being my second home. For being my “escape” if I just don’t wanna spend time at home.

Special thanks to my parents, family, professors, classmates, seatmates, groupmates and friends, and to those who have been with me through this wonderful journey.

These are my college friends. Thanks to them for making my college life memorable and exciting. (L-R: Yo- my workaholic but always game friend, Christian the “I have curfew” friend, Margaux- my Treston to CSB chikahan friend, and  Joy- the “good girl” yes, she’s one of the most good girl friend I have. No vices and very studious!)

My “Sinigang Express” group. I survived my Manstra class because of them. That was the first class I met Christian.

Below, is my friend Kristian, the most annoying and bully friend I know. But he has always been there for me especially when I needed someone to talk to. 👏🏻  We’ve been annoying and teasing each other since 2013.

this photo was taken at Puerto Galera with Miki and Margaux. Hoping for more travel adventures with them. 

I’m just lucky and blessed to have them in my life. Thanks to Benilde I met them. 😋

I’ll definitely miss CSB, my classrooms, my professors, and the FOODS (no more Tori Box and Chansel. 😭) 

Below are my grad pic and creative shots. ✌🏻️

The mandatory “Dalagang Pilipina” shot.

And my creative shot. 

TADAAA! My Graduation Picture. (My face looks fat though! I blame the photographer…. kidding.😂)

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Export Management                              11291605

I will always cherish those four years of battle as beautiful memories that I’ll keep looking back years from now. ☺️
To my fellow Benildeans out there, always remember that in Benilde, we do ordinary things extraordinary well! 

Live Jesus in our hearts, forever. 💚