Yep, that’s me! 

I am a bit of an OVER-THINKER. (Yes, I admit it…. I always think negatively about things and I know it’s definitely NOT healthy). This is mostly because I’m avoiding disappointments and I want to avoid potential heartbreak and sadness.

A lot of the time, I find myself worrying about everything (literally every single thing in my life), I worry about what my friends and family will think or about what people might think of me, what my future will be like, I always think of a possible problem that’s not even there and I usually end up getting so upset and sad while over-thinking that I forget to be happy and enjoy what I have now.

As I grow older, I came to the point where I realize that I should try to be more optimistic and avoid over thinking and that I should also think of my happiness, not just other people think of me (F what other people think, right? Kidding 😂).

Well, we live in a world with full of  judgmental hypocrites. They will ALWAYS JUDGE as if they’re perfect. They’ll always judge your imperfections and flaws. People will always talk about you, so might as well give them something to talk about. (Be yourself! Do the things that make you happy). No matter what say or you do, what you wear and even when you do something nice to them, they will still judge you. You can never avoid it. So why waste your time in them? Right? ☺️

For me, if someone makes me happy, then I should feel free to feel the romantic excitement and enjoy the moments with him. The excitement of hearing from him, seeing him, or simply just seeing his messages makes me so happy. 😍

Happiness is a CHOICE. I also choose to be happy by doing some things for myself. Like shopping, listening to music, watching series, playing with my dog and doing the things I like and love, going to places I want, makes me happy (I will give some tips later on how to be happy. Well, of course, those are just from my own experience). If doing something makes me happy, I should be able to do it without feeling guilty or bad about it. If I choose to be happy, then I should be happy (except, of course, if my happiness means making somebody else’s life miserable).

I should start doing something nice and productive that makes me happy and avoid the negative thoughts. Making the people around me happy also makes me happy. I should avoid over thinking on things and be positive in everything.

see how happy I am. 💕OOTD:Top: got it from an online shop // Skirt: Bershka // Bracelet: Pandora // Shades: Sunnies Studios

True happiness comes from within. You can’t depend your happiness on things or people. That has to come from within, cause when they leave, you’ll be unhappy and miserable.

10 WAYS TO BE HAPPY: (these are just SOME tips from me! It may or may not work for you. But, there’s nothing to lose when you try it.) 1. When you feel sad, avoid listening to sad and senti songs (These songs will crash you even more. Believe me! I’ve been there!). Listen to happy and catchy songs. Sing along with it!

2. Go watch a movie or series. (These can help you clear your mind for a while. You can also watch your favorite movie)

3. SHOPPING. You can always treat yourself once in a while. (Who can say NO to retail therapy?!)

4. FOOOOOODS. (This might be the perfect time for you to satisfy your cravings! When I’m sad, I always look for chips…. burger…. sweets… Depends on my mood!)

5. Play with you pet. (If you have one! Talk to them. They’re the perfect example of a good listener and trustworthy friends. BELIEVE ME! I do this and it’s really helpful. They will stick with you through bad and good times.)

6. Talk and reconnect with your friends. ☺️ Whats the purpose of friendship if you won’t talk to them esp. when you’re feeling down? Hearing their voices would make you feel better. I promise! They know you and whatever you’re going through, they will always understand you, they surely know how to make you feel better!

7. Go to gym! Go for a run! (Instead of thinking of those bad memories that make you sad, run on a treadmill! Exercise is proven a mood-booster PLUS you will feel energized and healthier afterwards!)

8. SLEEP. (Sleep it off! You’ll feel better when you wake up.)

9. Accept the things you can’t change. (NOTE TO SELF👀)

10. And last but not the least, PRAY. This is really the powerful and effective way to keep the negative vibes away. Talk to God. Tell him everything. 🙂 you will soon feel better. You may or may not go to church, but praying is good. For me, I just pray. 🙂

Always remember that you were born not to be perfect, but to embrace your imperfections and be happy. I hope you will feel pretty and happy. Go live your life, girl! You deserve to be happy. 😍