Almost a month since my trip to Cebu and I still can’t get over! Wanna know why? Aside from the fact that Cebuanos are so kind and nice. I also fell in love with all the places that we went to!

Whale shark watching, Kawasan falls, Temple of Leah, Magellan’s Cross, Otap, And of course, LEEEECHOOOOOON are just few of the things you can do and eat at CEBU!

After months and weeks of planning, sleepless nights of doing the itinerary, Finally!! The long wait is over, CEBU! HERE WE COME! 

We went to Cebu for our 4-day trip. Our flight was 4:55AM, we have to be in the airport at 2:30AM (Another sleepless night for us😞). We arrived at Cebu at exactly 5:35AM and headed to our hotel and rest.

We started the tour for our 1st day at around 10AM. We went to Cathedral Museum, Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House, Fort San Pedro, Museo Sugbo, SM Seaside and we had our lunch and dinner at  Zubuchon and The Harbour City! ☺️ (our 1st day was basically just about Historial places  and Mall tour)

This photo was taken at Cathedral Museum of Cebu, which showcased tons of artifacts from the Spanish colonial era. The building itself could also be considered historic, according to the tour guide, it happens to be one of the very few structures in Cebu that survived the World War II. 

@ Fort San Pedro

img_3381Museo Sugbo. 

img_3388We had our lunch at Zubuchon. Foods are affordable. You have to try their baked crab and lechon. ☺️

These photos were taken from SM Seaside

These cotton candy ice creams only looked good on pictures but in reality, it was really MESSY. People come here and order this just to take pictures of it, this is from Room for Desserts @ SM Seaside. 

img_3403Dinner at Harbour City (I swear, all the foods are very affordable!) you should try their dimsum! This is located at the SM Seaside, Cebu.

SM Seaside City Cebu– is one of the newest and biggest mall in Cebu! Bigger mall meaning more shops! (Yay! For shopaholics out there! Like me! ☺️)

Day 1 OOTD:

Top: Bershka // Bottom: H&M // Shoes: Cotton On 

For our 2nd day, out first stop was Temple of Leah.

Did you know that Temple of Leah was owned by Teodorico Adarna, grandfather of celebrity, Ellen Adarna. The temple comes with a very interesting and touching story. Because of Teodrico’s undying love for his wife, he decided to build this “sacred” temple last 2012 as a tribute to his loving wife, Leah Villa Albino-Adarna.

As stated in Temple of Leah’s Facebook page: “This Temple was constructed in the year 2012 A.D as a symbol of my undying love for her and my ceaseless devotion to Leah Villa Albino-Adarna.”

 These photos were taken at Temple of Leah, located at Busay, Cebu City. I just fell in love with the structure of this temple. 😍

For our next stop, we headed to Sirao Flower Farm. Here, you can feel that mini Amsterdam feeling especially when you see that cute windmill in. They call the area “Little Amsterdam”

After Sirao Farm, we went to Casa Verde to have our lunch. You must try their cheesecake! (If you’re a sweet lover like me!) they also offer ribs, their giant burger is a MUST try also. The burger is good for around 8-10 people. 

 After we had our lunch, we decided to have some adventure time at Crown Regency Hotel. It’s just a 10 minute car ride from Casa Verde. 

We tried the Skywalk Extreme. At first, I was scared, I feel like I can fall from the building every time I walk. But, in the end, this is worth the try! The sky walk takes about 10-15 minutes. 

We rode the Edge Coaster ride, (At first, I panicked. I got scared! I have fear of heights but I still wanna ride this. I just panicked and closed my eyes… AS ALWAYS! Haha.) I remember riding this thing, and I was shouting the whole time. My eyes were closed (most of the time. Haha!). This is located at the 38th floor of the building. You also get to control your own angle and gets really scary if you play around with it. The Edge Coaster takes about 4 minutes to go around the outer rim of the Cebu Crown Regency tower. 

Taoist Temple of Cebu, located at Beverly Hills subdivision. 

For our last stop, we went to La Vie Parisienne, which means ‘Parisian Life’ in English. Located in Lahug, Cebu City. The French Bakery is an ideal place to dine with your loved ones, and hang-out with friends or family.  The place is more romantic at night than day time, it is the perfect place to date your partner! 😉

3rd Day was the most interesting and tiring day of our trip. Probably because it was ADVENTURE DAAAAAY! 😋 

Day 2 OOTD:

Dress: Cotton On // Shoes: Charles & Keith

Swam with the whale sharks, went rafting at Kawasan Falls and took a tour at Simala Church.

It took us 3 hours of travel from our hotel to Oslob. (it was a long drive. We left at 4:30 in the morning, we reached Oslob at around 7:30ish AM.)

At Oslob, we were assisted on what activities we were gonna do, we had a briefing and they orient us about the rules before the actual encounter with the whale sharks. It was really short and detailed. It was for our safety and the whale shark’s safety also. They gave us life jackets then boarded the small boat that will take us to the famous whale sharks of Oslob. We were escorted to the actual site.

On our way to see the whale sharks! (It was my first time, so I was really happy and excited to try this wonderful experience)

It was a short ride like around 10 minutes.

they’re mouths are so big that human can fit inside them. 

Here are some of our photos with the whale sharks, you can see how huge they are.

All our photos were taken by the techy boatmen who were friendly and very accommodating to us! No wonder Filipinos are well-known for their hospitality.

After 30 minutes, we headed back to the shore and there was a huge crowd of people already waiting for their turn. We  decided to proceed to our next activity which is going to Kawasan Falls.

Kawasan Falls is a two-hour drive from Oslob and I swear! It is one of the most amazing falls I’ve ever seen! The 30 minute walk to the falls was all worth it.

I took this photo while we were trekking to the falls. Special thanks to Sandbar Adventures for our “Chase Adventures” drybag. This drybag is perfect for traveling, beach trips and other outdoor activities, it helps in protecting your things from getting wet. ☺️ (you may contact them and place your orders through their Facebook page, and Instagram account.)

You will really appreciate nature and fall in love with the falls, water and everything at Kawasan Falls. The views and ambiance of the trek and the waterfalls were absolutely breathtaking! The freshwater was also clear, clean and refreshing. 

After Kawasan Falls, we headed to Simala Church. It was far from Kawasan. It took us around 2-3 hours for us to reach Simala Church.

The Castle like structure of Simala Church. Local folks of Simala Church claimed that they witnessed several miracles. They offer color-coded candles to pray for their petitions. The candles cost Php35.00, depending on one’s intention. (The whole place is still in the process of improving its structure and they are working on expanding the place to make more tourists visit the place) 

We had our dinner at Golden Cowrie Native Restaurant, located in Lahug, Cebu City. It offers a wide range of delicious and authentic Filipino dishes that are very affordable.  (PLUS, they also serve unlimited rice for all of you! YAY! For rice lovers out there!!) 

Day 3 OOTD:

Swimwear: got it from Singapore

Day 4 was our last full day in Cebu, so we went around to buy souvenirs and visit other places.

Our first stop was the famous Magellan’s Cross. I honestly can’t belive I was here, this is just like another one of those sights I used to see just in history books when I was still studying.

Basilica de Santo Nino, it is just right accross of Magellan’s Cross.

We were lucky enough we had our personal tour guide during our stay in Cebu. Our tour guide was Kuya Rolly(the one in the green shirt). They escorted us to their Tourist Police headquarters and allow us to take pictures. They are very accommodating and friendly. Thumbs up for them! ☺️ We really enjoyed our trip and feel welcomed because of them.

@ Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary. 

Our tour guide (Kuya Rolly) also suggested that we should visit Crocolandia, located in Talisay City. It is a 45mins car ride from Cebu City. The place is clean it’s amazing how these personnel have been able to keep this place so clean and neat. In the zoo, you will see a lot of different animals such as:  saltwater crocodiles, the Philippine freshwater crocodiles, turtles, tortoise, pythons, boa, lizard and iguana, birds, parrots, eagles, hornbills, deer, bear cat, squirrel and may more which the visitors are enjoying and making their trips educational. They have this biggest crocodile named Lapu-Lapu. So bad we don’t have a picture of him because he was asleep when we visited him. 

@ STK ta Bay! Located in the Capitol area walking distance from Osmena Circle. STK stands for a local way of cooking food (grilled, sour soup and pickled), they are famous for their seafood and the foods are good and affordable and it’s a great place to eat with friends. The place itself is an old converted home, with plenty of memorabilia dating back to the early 1900’s. It’s no wonder the place is always busy at meal times. One of the better restaurants in Cebu and one I can thoroughly recommend. The owner of this restaurant is Ms. Karen, she even offered to tour us around the house. (see how accommodating Cebuanos are?!☺️)

We also went back to La Vie Parisienne to see the place during day time. An outdoor dining area with pink tree resembling cherry blossom trees, and white furniture’s will greet you on your entrance. The whole place glows at night. La vie Parisienne offers dozens of choices from breads, pastries, cheeses and wine. There is a door leading you to a tunnel-like place where a variety of wine are displayed.  

Just reading the name, La Vie Parisienne in Cebu City could already be a bit intimidating, but the place is really worth to be added in your itinerary. I just love how they presented everything. I will definitely go back to this lovely place! ☺️

The best view of Cebu is actually at the Tops. No better venue provides this view than the Tops Lookout (also known as “Tops”), the place provides breezy, breathtaking views of metropolitan Cebu, Mactan Island and beyond. 

image1.PNGThere are stores and souvenir shops selling foods and drinks. There are also individual open rooms with concrete tables and benches intended for the visitors. Another thing that adds attraction to the place aside from the view are the hexagon-shaped pavements.
@ Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant, located in Cordova. Our tour guide suggested this cozy place to eat. Good thing we were able to get good seats without a reservation. The staffs of this restaurant were very accommodating and courteous. 

Seafoods are the obvious must-try foods in Lantaw Floating Restaurant. Aside from the scallops, we ordered the Garlic Buttered Shrimps. For drinks, we had the Cordova Cooler (a delightful mix of orange, calamansi, and watermelon juices)

Upon seeing this place, I immediately fell in love with its relaxing vibe. It has a homey and cozy feeling while having our last meal in Cebu. My visit in Lantaw Floating Restaurant crossed out another item off my foodie bucket list. This is definitely a perfect way of ending our Cebu 2016 Trip! ☺️

I would definitely would like to visit Cebu again, because I have tons of other places to visit and foods to try. Overall, I’m really glad and overwhelmed we’ve had this chance of visiting that wonderful City.

I hope you enjoyed this very long post. ☺️

Day 4 OOTD:

Dress: Cotton On // Shoes: Charles & Keith

Next post would be about my Cebu Trip Vlog. Check it out! ☺️

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