Hello Readers!

As promise in my previous blog post, here is the travel vlog I made for our Cebu trip. ☺️

Youtube: It’s more fun in the Philippines: Cebu Travel Vlog

If there is one thing from my Cebu trip that stuck to me the most, it’s the self satisfaction you get while exploring and traveling, unlike any material things, is not just for affluent people. It’s a worthy pastime that never decreases in value, no matter how much you spend on it because you gain simple things that money can’t buy like life changing experiences, wisdom and memories, some gain friends while traveling and ofcourse, you gain pictures and videos that you’ll cherish and keep forever.

It’s been more than a month since my trip to Cebu, but when I look back to my overall experience, I realize there are still so much to discover and explore in our own country (Philippines). And, I cant wait to visit them all! ☺️