“The Chainsmokers”

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In the present generation of youth, they are one of the newest hottest names in EDM (Electronic Dance Music). They are everyone’s favorite duo. Their singles have become modern-day pop anthems.

To all The Chainsmokers fans out there, I’m happy to share these facts with you. I’m a fan too, so this is quite exciting and fun for me to blog about. ☺️

Here are 15 interesting fun facts about The Chainsmokers:

1. Early days..closer.gif

Alex Pall is older than Drew Taggart. Alex was born on the 16th of May, 1985 (that makes him 31 years old as of today). He was born and grew up in New York City. He graduated at New York University.

Andrew Taggart (a.k.a Drew) is way younger than Alex. He’s turning 27 on December 31 (Advance Happy 27th birthday, Drew! ☺️). He was born in Portland, Maine and took up Bachelor of Music and Entertainment Industries at Syracuse University.

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2. Where it all started.. vsco-photo-4
Alex Pall and Drew Taggart met in September, 2012. The Chainsmokers also started that year! According to a telephone interview they had with Up to the Sun, they were just introduced to each other by a friend of a friend. Drew was mostly into pop tracks and Alex was the one DJing in New York but after two months of mashing mixes, they found themselves doing more tracks together! Back in 2012, they started off by making indie music remixes. They eventually came up with original tracks such as Roses, Don’t let me down, Selfie, etc.

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3. The Origins of their Name

Their name didn’t actually have any sentimental meaning for them. Their name “Chainsmokers” was used just because it sounded clever for them. Well, Alex used to smoke, but they never thought that this name would have this impact towards their fans. Who would have imagined that it would get this big for them, right?

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 8.52.25 PM copy.pngThey just released their song All We Know recently and look, they got 23,133,897 views just for one track. This song will surely become one of the Chainsmokers’ defining songs of 2016. Just Wow. They are really everyone’s favorite duo. How awesome could they get!

4. Relationship Status?!

If you’re stalking them on Instagram (like me) or just following them, you already know about this…

They are both TAKEN. They both have live-in girlfriends. (I know, I know… It hurts. :(( HAHA. Kidding! but yes, its true. Sorry, Girls.) Alex and Drew are already taken by Haley Rowe (Drew) and Tori Woodward (Alex).

Drew Taggart and Haley Rowe

Alex Pall and Tori Woodward

See, they how these guys can both be loverboys and “The Chainsmokers” at the same time… Despite their busy schedules, they still find time for their beautiful partners. ❤️

Image Source: Instagram of Haley @hay.rowe and Tori @toriwoodward

5. The Chainsmokers’ first home is Soundcloud.Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 8.31.03 PM copy.pngThey started in Soundcloud, before achieving the success they have now, The Chainsmokers used to upload their tracks in Soundcloud (just like what every aspiring musicians are doing nowadays. To those who are uploading their tracks on Soundcloud, just keep on doing it. DO NOT GIVE UP. Who knows? You might be the next crowd’s favorite!). Thanks to Soundcloud for helping them build their career and get to where they are today.

They even collaborated with Priyanka Chopra on singles called “Erase” and “The Rookie” back in 2012.
Here’s their song: Erase ft. Priyanka Chopra (Original Mix)

6. What do these guys actually do in their lives?banner-1000x520.pngWhen they are not in the music scene or concert, they’re the opposite guys we see at their concerts! These two are just normal ordinary guys who are into books and video games. Alex is a bookworm who loves to read novels, while Drew on the other hand is a gamer, he loves to play video games.

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7. The Chainsmokers take inspiration from anything and everything under the sun.giphy.gif                                          Alex and Drew do not choose the kind of music they produce. According to them, a person born out of music produces the kind of music that inspires them. They have the passion for the art and this varies from different genres and music types. They wish to continue to evolve as performers and to be off inspiration as well to aspiring musicians. They continue with mixing what they think is fun!! (See how they are having fun in the GIF above. HAHA)

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8. Their Unique Preparation Methods for the shows and concerts.image2.JPEGBefore getting onto the stage, they have some activities to get them in the mood for performance. These activities include getting drunk, punching each other in the face, or steak and espresso. These activities help them to turn their bodies up for a massive and unforgettable moment upstage!

Image Source: EDM Chicago

9. Where They Want to Settle Down
If given a choice, they would want to settle down in either New York City or Los Angeles. But the earthquake risk factor makes them lean more toward NYC.

Image Sources: https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/03/9b/2d/f2/new-york-city.jpg, https://i.ytimg.com/vi/cAuEthtSBA0/maxresdefault.jpg

10. First Concerts and First CDs

Their first concerts were Billy Joel (Alex), and 311 (Andrew). Their first CDs they ever owned were Snoop Dogg (Alex) and The Offspring (Andrew).

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11. Lets talk about cars…
Drew’s first car was Subaru and Alex’s Mazda.

Image Source: www.billboard.com

12. Their favorite live performance/moment
Their favorite is TomorrowWorld. That was the first festival they played. They we were so nervous. Alex was puking all morning from drinking the night before, and they both loved TomorrowWorld for taking that chance on them.

Image Source: https://6yes.net/mp3/the-chainsmokers-live-tomorrowworld.html

13. Game of Thrones fan? Hhhmmm…..

Guess what?!

THEY ARE GoT fan!! Their favorite character is Arya Stark.

vsco-photo-1-1                                                   Image Source: https://secure.static.tumblr.com/df35cda1fe1e0a5309c990f62012197d/z079u1z/NK3nlcgz7/tumblr_static_tumblr_static_d8klkwqndr4k48kkkc888ko0g_640.jpg

14. What do they smoke? Menthol or Regular?vsco-photo-3.jpg
According to them, they don’t smoke anymore but it was all about regular parliaments.

Image source: http://www.lessthan3.com/news/thank-you-for-smoking
15. They are Dog Lovers too! Yaaaaay! ❤️❤️❤️

Their favorite dog is Golden Retriever. In fact, Tori and Alex created an instagram account for their dog. Say Hi to Cheddar!! 🙂

vsco-photo-1Don’t forget to follow Cheddar, @cheddarsayscheese.

vsco-photo-2vsco-photo-3Isn’t he the cutest?!


Bonus Question: Who’s more handsome and smarter?

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HAHA. Kidding! I just find this GIF cute and funny. :))

The Chainsmokers’ Best Advice to Aspiring Musicians.


“Keep making new music, and keep putting it out… It’s all about quality these days as you said there is a lot…. if you’re making fire, people will start to pay attention..”

Image source: http://www.billboard.com/files/styles/article_main_image/public/media/chainsmokers-Dont-Let-Me-Down-2016-billboard-650.jpg

Two. Words.
THE.                                                                                                                                    CHAINSMOKERS.

Most of us have listened to their hit songs once, twice and even a couple of million times – who would want to miss as they drop the bass LIVE!? Right? Nobody! So when they announced that they will come to Philippines, we didn’t waste time and opportunity to see them live.

 To this day, I still can’t believe i watched them live. They definitely didn’t let their Manila fans down. The Chainsmokers Manila Concert was held on August 19, 2016 at MOA Arena. Everyone was so hyped during the event, everyone really had a blast. That was a hell of a night, I can’t wait for them to come back in Manila! I wouldn’t think twice to catch them live again!

Here are some of the photos I took during the event last August 19, 2016:

BONUS fact about The Chainsmokers!!!
They liked my posts on instagram and commented on one of my picture.

chapter-1-picture.pngFor a fan like me, this is REALLY OVERWHELMING! I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw these. Fangirling mode on again! ❤️

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