When we were growing up, birthdays were eagerly hope for because they meant change. Another year older, another celebration, more opportunities, a grade higher. A year closer to some idealized fantasy birthday with all its imagined privileges: closer to 13, closer to 16, to eighteen, to 20.

Now, it seems like birthdays are more about how much time has passed rather than how much time is ahead. But 22 is a bit young for a matured experimental crisis of mortality. Twenty-two is more about a general sense of anxiety.

I was laying in bed last night, thinking about my 21st year and how fast it flew by.  In my 21st year, a lot of things have changed, I graduated from college (my school days are finally over, baby days no more), got employed, started my own blog, met new friends, gained experiences, and many more.

Today, I turn 22 (wait, what?! I’m Twenty-two already? It seems like it was just yesterday that I celebrated my 18th birthday, getting old sucks, right?), I’m starting to feel like I’m really entering the “adulthood stage” and there’s no turning back. As you get older, you will definitely feel the pressure of everyone else’s lives – just try to ignore it and live your own. I’m confident I will eventually achieve all the goals I set, checked all the bucket list I list, and 22 will be a greater year for me.

Every year has its ups and downs. Isn’t it funny how sometimes the pressures we put on ourselves are more intimidating and difficult than those put on us by others? As I turn 22, it doesn’t feel like there’s much to write home about. I feel like my life is more unstable than it has ever been. I’m a working girl who has no idea what she’ll be doing next year, who isn’t sure what the next step ought to be. Twenty-two feels like the on-slip to the highway of true adulthood, and I’m still riding a bike in my backyard.


But, I am still thankful for the past 21 years of my life and I’m pretty much excited to face the next chapter of my life and I am taking this opportunity to wish myself a wonderful birthday first and all the best to me in coming years.

I spent my last day of being 21 with my family, and special someone. My cousin and I celebrated our birthday, shared stories with one another, laughed, ate and bonded (couldn’t imagine to end my day of being 21 without them)

Ohana (incomplete though)
Photo 16-01-2017.jpeg
My cousin and I

Since I’m turning 22 today, I’d like to share these 22 Random (Fun) Things About Me:

1. I was born in January 16, 1995. 


I was born on a Monday in Metropolitan Hospital at exactly 8:30AM. I’m a Capricorn, an only child and 100% Chinese. (Yay! To being a 90’s baby)

2. I wore Braces before.

Junior Prom (2011)

To be honest, I wore it before my 6th Grade Graduation till I reach my Junior High. (I wore that braces for almost 5 years.)

3. I adore animals – especially Dogs. 

…but hate, hate, HAAAATE spiders, cockroaches, worms, insects.  We’re talking run away and have a panic attack fear here.


say Hi to Kenzoe! 

I have a dog named Kenzoe. Honestly, I had to add this to my list. My dog is SO important to me. I have a special connection (as we all do with our dogs) with my fur baby. He brings so much joy into my life. We’re so lucky to have such amazing, beautiful creatures. He taught me so many lessons in loyalty, companionship, & love.

4. I’m have a Green Heart 

College Graduate from De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde, with the course of BSBA-Export Management.

Proud Benildean here – Animo Benilde! 💚

Graudation Day – June 25, 2016

Live Green, And Think Green? (haha. Kidding!)

5.  Coffee and Soda are a big NO NO.

yes, I don’t drink coffee, wine and soda. I prefer Milk tea, green tea, frappe, any thing except coffee, wine and soda.

              nosoda    202969  drinking-smiley-face-clipart-8j4cky-clipart

6.  My favorite numbers are….

minnesota_twins_14     01500_2012nyyrnu00016_lg  number_24_with_basketball_player_round_sticker-r6cc2eb0045064a3ea61314445d2a9915_v9waf_8byvr_512

7. Favorite Color? 

Can I say “colors”? I love so many colors that I couldn’t pick one, so I’ll just say COLORS such as pink, purple, pastel colors, white and turquoise. 

8. Food? 

Favorite foodS? Yes, FOODS. Hmmm…. Chips? COOKIES? :)) I also like tempura, crab, pasta and BINGSU!


9. Overthinker. (Ooops, Guilty!)


I think and overthink about almost everything. And I can easily spend countless hours doing nothing but thinking.

10. I’m a Cry Baby


Things that make me cry: sad dog videos (like the movie “Hachiko”), Proposal and Wedding videos (too sweet that I cry while watching them. So much feels 😭 HAHA) and when I’m really pissed or scared about something and I can’t do anything about it, usually I just cry it all out.

FACT: while writing this post, I watched a Wedding video and I cried so much (Jess and Gabriel Wedding

11. Blogging Life

I just started blogging last September 2016. Just a hobby while looking for a job. But now, I still make it a point to blog once in a while.

See my first blog post: Say Hi to My Newest Blog!

12. My favorite series are…

giphy.gif  giphy-2.gif

giphy.gif    giphy-3.gif

Gossip Girl, Switched at Birth, Full House and Descendants of the Sun.

Can’t believe I watched them all, TWICE. 

13. Hobb…. ies… Hobbies

I do not watch TV. I seldom watch news. When I’m at home, you can see me watching series, blogging and just hanging out with my dog.


Watching movies, exploring, malling, shopping, and eating are also my hobbies! Oh wait, can I include stalking in my hobby list? HAHA kidding 🙂

14. I’m an Introvert

…at first. HAHA! I’m really a shy type person (at first) but when I start talking, you can say that I can also be an extrovert!

15. I always fall alseep while watching series

Literally, like every night. With my earphones on. It feels like thats a routine for me to sleep well. (is that weird?) 

17. What does Bianca Like? 

Likes: Fireworks, flowers, sweets, shopping, cosmetics, bags, dogs, cute girly stuffs, stuff toy, etc. 🙂

I don’t like playing video games EXCEPT GTA and Tekken.

giphy.gif source.gif

18. Dislikes:

Say NO to LIARS.


I hate lies even when it may please me at that moment, and I love truth even when it may hurt me at that particular time. Because lie can comfort at short period of time and hurt for life time, whereas truth may hurt at that particular time and comfort for a life time.



Admit it. It’s really ANNOYING when the weather is too hot! It feels like I transform into “Anger” (see the GIF above) when the weather is so hot.

19. I always dreamt about having a Halloween Party.


Wearing “couple costumes” for Halloween is in my bucket list. (So cheesy!!)

20. I Sing Loudly when I’m at Home

..but when I’m with my friends or anywhere, you will NEVER, NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER hear me sing.

21. Adventurous and Kickin’

Taken at Universal Studios, Singapore

Adventures? Count me in! I’m always up for adventures! The thing is, I’m scared of free fall and roller coaster, there was I time I cried because I panicked while I was riding a roller coaster. I have a (little bit) fear of heights.

21. I dreamt of becoming an Actress or a Print Ad/Commercial Model.

..when I was a kid. . . (or even until now. HAHA)

This photo was taken last year, during my modeling recital

22. My life is an Open Book and I share Things Pretty Freely.

(isn’t it obvious? 🙂 this blog is about me, myself and I, my travel tales and foodtrips)

I received Birthday greetings from family, friends and colleagues. It’s one of the most relaxing and peaceful birthdays I’ve ever had.

Thank You Lord for giving me another year – another year to be productive, to share my life and be a blessing to other people. Thank You for the blessings You continue to shower my family and I.

Given that, I plan to challenge myself a lot this year. Here are the key areas I plan to work on before I reach twenty-three.

1. Make Better Relationships with People (new and old).

Grab opportunities that would help in connecting me to the outside world. Attend more events, communicate and re-connect with friends and relatives. Initiate gatherings if possible.

2. Continue Being Financially Sustainable.

Learn more on how and where to invest. I hope to be spending wisely this year!

3. Travel more and more and more. 

I can’t not travel. I wish to travel more this year, locally and international (hopefully) and listen to more life stories from strangers in trains, planes, restaurants, random streets and see magnificent sites and learn about other places’ histories.

4. Go Further Out of my Comfort Zone.

Don’t be afraid to take risks. Make a leap of faith. I plan on doing something I’ve never done before. I have been praying hard for this and I am very optimistic about how it will turn out.

5. Continue Proactively Learning.

This is a huge part of my decision-making process as I felt that I have been inactive in terms of growth with the stability that I have. I know that getting out will help me gain more knowledge and wisdom. At the same time, I have a set of skills that I want to improve on and continue doing, which I’ve mostly neglected because of my work and lifestyle.

So that’s it! I am excited and full of hope to face the year ahead.

Here’s to hoping a new year takes me to crazier adventures and fun, gives me even more amazing opportunities.

Here’s to more Calories and Epic Fail Moments to come!


To the man who never fails to amaze and inspire me, Thank you! 🙂

To everyone who sent messages, greeted, tweeted and basically did everything to greet me today, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You So Much! ILY all. 💋

Please give me time to respond to each and every one of you. 🙂