An Open Letter to Someone From your Everything to Nothing, From a Best Friend to a Stranger

“Nothing meant for you will run away from you.”

To The Person Who Broke My Heart….

I’m writing this letter because I have already forgiven and accepted that we are finally over. I accepted the fact that someday, you will be somebody’s everything, you’ll be her world, and will be happy with her attention and love.

I am truly happy now. I hope you are too, I wish you all the happiness that life has to offer, and the best of luck in your future endeavors. I wish you nothing but the best in this world. I hope that, us separating, would be good for the both of us. Although, you hurt me so bad, you helped me grow as a person. After my heart was broken I changed, but I changed for the better. I am now a better person because of you. I am thankful for everything that had happened to us and for you.

At first, when you broke my heart I was devastated. I was so sad that I skipped meals, I lost weight, I went out with friends. I partied so hard, I couldn’t focus on the things I normally do. I thought it was the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life and honestly, I thought that it could possibly be the worst thing that has happened to me. I saw how you threw away everything we had in just one snap, what we had was real (well, for me). Out of all the people I met and fell in love with, you were the one who I pictured my life with, whom I thought I’ll be spending my future with. Not just any life, but the life I’ve always wanted, the life I dreamed about. You were my dream. You were a blessing, my everything, my world revolved around you.

When it happened, I felt like I didn’t know how to start again without you. It felt like the air around me was limited and it was becoming more and more difficult to breathe. I could actually feel my heart breaking and it hurt so bad. Having your heart broken by someone you truly love makes you realize so many things you may not have realized before. Having your heart broken will teach you a lot of lessons you’ll definitely be needing in the future.

So, to the person who broke my heart, from the bottom of my heart….

Thank You So Much. 

Thank you for making me realize that just because someone says they love and care about you, doesn’t mean they actually do. Actions still speak louder than words.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow as a person. They say that a broken bone, once healed, becomes stronger than ever. Just as I am stronger now than I was before I knew you. I know my worth now and I should accept what I think I deserve (which is a whole lot more than what you were offering). I was able to realize all these things because of you.

Thank you for playing a big role in my life, for all the love and sacrifices. I’ve got a lot of great and happy memories with you that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

Thank you for teaching me to stand up for myself. Looking back, what was even worse than you hurting me was me letting you do it. I was blind. In a split second, you changed, and I just ignored it. Everything I had ever felt about you before was just a memory for me now. I’m happy because I already accepted everything, and I didn’t look back.

Thank you for helping me. You were a lot of things while we were together. You made me care about you and believed you that would do the same for me. Our relationship wasn’t always bad. You did make me smile and laugh and I really thank you for that.

Thank you for breaking me and letting me go because I had to rebuild myself and I came out stronger and happier than I ever would’ve been with you. I didn’t think it was possible for someone like you to hurt me as badly as you had. You did it so easily. When and if we had good moments, they were great, they were better than great. Still, I forgive you. You want to know why I forgive you? Because, you’re a 20-year-old something boy. A boy. NOT a man.

Our relationship taught me to know my WORTH so when the love of my life comes around, I will be worth it. Our relationship made me think that if someone is important to you, you should put EFFORT into them. You should RESPECT them. It made me realize that when someone truly loves you, it is SHOWN through words but PROVED by actions. It taught me to give my love unconditionally because the right man will be deserving of it. It taught me that letting you in and trusting you wasn’t the hurtful part but you breaking me was. It taught me to raise my standards for myself and my future relationship because the right man would be man enough and rise to meet them. It taught me how to be independent and love myself more.

“Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one that gets burned.” – Buddha

After all this time, I no longer ask myself why, because I know why. I know exactly why. Yes, there were times where I was so angry at you for hurting me the way you did – completely carelessly. But, I don’t hate you anymore. How could I hate someone whom at one point was my whole world, whom I shared so many great memories with? But more importantly, how could I hate someone who made me realize my worth? I know that if I hold a grudge, I’m giving you the power, and I already let you take so much from me. I know that if I don’t forgive you and move on, I’ll be unfair to other people and I might not ever let someone else in.

As much as you hurt me and made me feel like a trash and unworthy to be loved, I still hope that someday someone will come along who won’t make me feel that way. I don’t want to miss out on that because, I went through life allowing you to make me angry for the things you did to hurt me.

In the end, you were NOT a mistake. You were a “Lesson well Learned”, and I am beyond thankful that I learned so much from you, even if it took a little bit of heartbreak to get me here. Life itself is a learning process. We make mistakes, then we learn those mistakes, and again. I learned from you. I learned the painful and hardest way, but at least, I learned. I have good memories with you and I choose to remember you that way, just like I choose to forgive you.

Good times do outweigh the bad, but forgiveness outweighs pain – and I no longer feel a thing.


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