I am Bianca Adrienne Yu, a 22-year old girl from Manila, Philippines. College graduate ofΒ De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, who’s keeping up with the changes from being a student to a working 20-something lady. I have a lot of things going on- from searching for a job, and finally found one now, to blogging, and balancing my time for everything, to being a good daughter, girlfriend, cousin and friend.

People call me Bianca, Bi, Bianx, Binca, Bruha, Beb, Beh, Babe, Baby, Sis, Hooooy, Pssst, Guuurl, Ate, Teh… and anything goes, actually.

Many people tell me I look snobbish at first, but I swear once you get to know me more, you’ll eventually find out that I am actually a very talkative girl, who loves adventures but afraid of heights, I’m the type of person who will always invite you everywhere and anywhere, approachable, loving person and I’m girly! Shopaholic (i looooove SHOOPPPPIIIING! Its my stress reliever!), Foodaholic (burgers, fries, pasta and sweets-my first love!!), dog lover, pink lover? (HAHA, well, my favorite color is pink), and I’m in love with Pandas, they’re so adorable and huggable. (I bet you too! You wanna hug them!)
adventures, food trip, road tripΒ — name it! I bet I’m game for that. Hihi

My friends see me as profligate (their friend who loves spending money.HAHA) maybe because I like to shop and I can’t stand being at home. I always want to explore and look for adventure.

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