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10 Realizations About Friendship

"Growing up means a lot of your friends aren't your real friends" I read this quote somewhere and I totally agree with this. I always thought of being able to hold onto long-term friendships, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized... Continue Reading →


It’s a Beautiful Day to Celebrate Another Year!

When we were growing up, birthdays were eagerly hope for because they meant change. Another year older, another celebration, more opportunities, a grade higher. A year closer to some idealized fantasy birthday with all its imagined privileges: closer to 13,... Continue Reading →

A Stroll Down Memory Lane: College Life

Hello World!  So as I've mentioned earlier, I just graduated from college last June 25, 2016. And since I just started out my blog recently, I wanna share my college realizations, experiences and stories with you. College life is the... Continue Reading →

Say Hi to My Newest Blog!

Hi loves! ♥ This is my first time to own a real blog (except Tumblr) and I'm quite excited to share my thoughts, experiences and feelings with everyone… Soooo, I guess you'll be hearing from me a lot more often! I’ve... Continue Reading →

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