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An Open Letter to Someone From your Everything to Nothing, From a Best Friend to a Stranger

“Nothing meant for you will run away from you.” To The Person Who Broke My Heart.... I’m writing this letter because I have already forgiven and accepted that we are finally over. I accepted the fact that someday, you will... Continue Reading →


10 Realizations About Friendship

"Growing up means a lot of your friends aren't your real friends" I read this quote somewhere and I totally agree with this. I always thought of being able to hold onto long-term friendships, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter To Someone Who Stayed

Thank you for being constant since day one, for staying when you could've walked away and always being there through thick and thin, keeping up with my mood swings and tolerating my dramas and other stuff. For supporting & encouraging... Continue Reading →

Love at First Bite: Melt Grilled Cheesery

Hello, Melt Grilled Cheesery! ❤️ This restaurant surely knows how to attract cheese lovers (like me). Cheese on almost everything? W-O-W. Melt Grilled Cheesery is one of the newly opened food joints in BGC Uptown Mall. It is owned by Chef James Torres. It... Continue Reading →

The Wonderful Food in My Kitchen by Chef Cris

MY KITCHEN is located in The Oasis Paco Park Hotel at Paco, Manila and headed by Chef Cris. He is the creator of C'Italian dining in Angeles Pampanga.The hotel was almost 20 years old but the restaurant only started its... Continue Reading →

Spa Date: Infinima Body Massage and Spa

A spa is a private place where one can relax, sleep and enjoy the massage. Hi everyone!  I have decided to write about my Spa experience last September 16, 2016 with my boyfriend. He decided to take me on a... Continue Reading →

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