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Wanderlust in Malaysia: Travel Vlog

M A L A Y S I A What could be more appealing for a long weekend, vacation or a holiday? A relaxing combination of city life with a hint of history and culture? If that’s sounds like the vacation you're... Continue Reading →


A Historical Day Trip to Melaka

Malacca (also known as Melaka) is a 2-hour bus journey from Kuala Lumpur and a 4-hour travel from Singapore. It has some beautiful and  well-preserved buildings in the old down. The old town has something of a museum feel to it... Continue Reading →

Wanderlust in Malaysia

Malaysia is a VISA-FREE country if you’re from the Philippines, in 3.5 to 4 hours you’ll reach Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It's officially a Muslim country. You can rarely see people wearing short shorts and other daring clothes. Malaysia is a medley of cultures,... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Singapore: Part II (Travel Vlog)

How was your weekend, guys? As you all know, I recently traveled to Singapore as I've mentioned in my recent post. Singapore is truly an amazing country. The foods are worth trying for, people are nice, the weather is favorable. It's... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Singapore: PART I

Welcome back, loves! We all know that SINGAPORE is known as the most developed, urbanized and one of the safest country in Asia, if not in the world. Because of its size, Singapore is very easy to travel. Hmm, it... Continue Reading →

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